Council 2018-2019

Email for general inquires, or email one of the council members below.

Kolin Sutherland-Wilson

Gitxsan NationGeography and Environmental Studies


The Firekeeper is the spokesperson of the NSU, and represents Indigenous students at the UVSS Board Meetings.

About Kolin

Hindathl wila win? My name is Kolin Sutherland-Wilson. I am from the village of Anspayaxw on unceded Gitxsan Lax'yip. I am of the Gisg'haast clan of the house of Tsi'basaa and my father clan is Lax gibuu of the house of Xhliiyemlaxha. I am currently in my third year of undergraduate studies in Geography and Environmental Studies. I am honored to fulfill the role of Firekeeper for the Native Student's Union.

Steven Faryna

Cree-MetisLaw Department

Advocacy Councillor

The Advocacy councillor creates social justice projects, connects with other advocacy groups, and is the first point of contact for student grievances.

About Steve

Tanshi, Steven dishinihkaashoon. Wayne dooshchin. My names Steven and I hail from Wayne, Alberta in Treaty 7 territory. With me gone there are only 27 people left in Wayne. I've been in Coast Salish Territory for about 6 years now splitting the years between Squamish, North Vancouver, and Victoria. I am Cree-Metis from the Norwest/Letendre dit Batoche lines. Having completed a Philosophy bachelor's program at Mount Allison University on the East Coast I have now upgraded to enrollment in the Law program here at UVic. In addition to Advocacy Coordinator with the NSU I am a campus cousin, the Indigenous Law Student Association Rep on the Law Student Society, and a Director at Large on the Metis Nation of Greater Victoria board of directors. But there's always time for social justice and advocacy projects! Email me at or shoot me a text, or a call if you're old school, at (403)598-8201.



Administrative Councillor

Manages communications, finances, policy, and info tech.

About Joel

My name is Joel, I am Métis, and this is my second year on the NSU council and my third year in Biochemistry at Uvic. Being a councillor has been an incredible learning opportunity that allowed me to work in a team alongside talented, inspiring, and passionate indigenous students. So much of what we accomplished in the past year is owed to the dedication and hard work of my fellow council members. I am proud to be a part of NSU because I believe the services we provide and the programs we create are meaningful and contribute to a sense of community for other indigenous students at Uvic. This year I am excited to collaborate with our new council, to see how their individual strengths and contributions will help shape the NSU and to continue to learn and grow from this meaningful experience.

Councillors at Large

There are 4 Councillors at-large. They are responsible for everything laid out in section seven (7) of the constitution.

Yvonne Houssin

Métis NationFaculty of HumanitiesIndigenous Studies Major

About Yvonne

Tansi! Yvonne dishinihkaashoon, niiya Otipemisiwiskwe St. Boniface dooshchin. Nanaskamoh Lekwungen miina WSANEC askiy.

My name is Yvonne, I'm a Métis woman from the community of St. Boniface in what is currently Winnipeg, and I use she/her pronouns. I'm currently in my fourth year majoring in Indigenous Studies and minoring in Gender Studies. I've lived across Turtle Island but went to highschool in Stz'uminus lands in Ladysmith. I am extremely grateful to study as an uninvited guest on WSANEC and Lekwungen territory that I have lived in for the past 4 years.

I love beading, board games and meeting new people. Kishchee tey mo'yaan aen li michif wi'yaan!

Garry Sam

Songhees NationFaculty of Social Sciences

About Garry

Hello, My name is Garry Sam. I am Lekwungen, from Songhees Nation. Born and raised in Victoria BC. I use He/him pronouns. Major in Sociology, Minor in Indigenous Studies.

Lekwungen Traditional Dancer and Singer.

Very much into my own culture here on the west coast, but also participate in the culture of Powwow as a Fancy Dancer.


Dene NationSocial Sciences

About Brad

Greetings! My name is Bradley Thom and I am from small village of 900 people in the Northwest Territories called Fort Providence. It is located at the mouth of Great Slave Lake and the beginning of the Mackenzie River. I am a 5th year student majoring in political science and minoring in Indigenous studies. I enjoy learning through conversation. I believe that everyone is a book. You can open it open it up to any page and it will always be interesting. With that being said, if you want someone to bounce ideas off of for a paper or something, I’m around. Happy studies!

Peter Underwood

W̱SÁNEĆ NationFaculty of Humanities

Office Coordinator

The Office Coordinator is the only staff member of the NSU, and acts under the direction of the council.

About Peter

TÁĆEL SIAM, welcome, my name is Peter Underwood, I'm W̱SÁNEĆ and Norwegian, and I'm majoring in Indigenous studies. When I'm not working in the NSU room I'm often in SOCC or Pride, playing board games, camping, or trying a new craft or hobby.