Territory Acknowledgments

The University of Victoria campus resides on the territory of the Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ nations. The university, and it's students have benefited off of this beautiful land, which had been known as the village of the Sungayka, which means snow patches and was home to the Checkonien, a Lekwungen family. The Native Students Union recognizes the injustices upon local peoples and the benefits we reap from them, and we encourage students to give back what they can to the land and it's people as Indigenous students would in their homelands.


W̲SÁNEĆ (Saanich) has been divided into 5 First Nations with their own reserves and governments, but still are known by themselves and to outsiders as one nation. The W̲SÁNEĆ are known as the Emerging People.

The W̲SÁNEĆ people consist of:

Lekwungen Speaking

The Lekwungen have two First Nations, which are:

How to Give a Territory Acknowledgement

Check out this web page from Native-Land.

Native-Land is also a good resource to roughly find out what territories an area is on from a map.