Council & Staff 2018


Firekeeper - Brad Thom

Administrative Councillor - Not filled

Advocacy Councillor- Malayah Maloney

Four Councillors At-Large - Joel Granger, Kathryn McLeod, Brooke Schaefer


Office Coordinator - Peter Underwood -

Work Study - Hiring September 2018


Brad Thom -

Greetings! My name is Bradley Thom and I am from small village of 900 people in the Northwest Territories called Fort Providence. It is located at the mouth of Great Slave Lake and the beginning of the Mackenzie River. I am a 4th year student majoring in political science and minoring in Indigenous studies. I enjoy learning through conversation. I believe that everyone is a book. You can open it open it up to any page and it will always be interesting. With that being said, if you want someone to bounce ideas off of for a paper or something, I’m around. Happy studies!

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Advocacy Councillor

Malayah Maloney -

Hello! I'm Malayah, I'm from Nova Scotia/Nunavut. Although I grew up in Iqaluit, I've lived in Vancouver/Victoria for almost eight years. I'm a second year student at UVic studying Social Sciences as well as Fine Arts. In my spare time I'm usually out shooting with my film camera, exploring all the hidden gems of Victoria. Besides that, I'm always in the First Peoples House drinking some tea,connecting with friends or doing my homework.

Councillor at Large

Joel Granger

Joel is a nice councillor at-large. Bio coming soon.

Councillor at large

Kathryn McLeod

Kathryn is a nice councillor at-large. Bio coming soon.

Councillor at large

Brooke Schaefer

Hello! My name is Brooke Schaefer, I am Dene first nations from treaty 8 territory up in the Northwest Territories. I’m a big ol nerd for cartoons, sci-fy, the outdoors, my ukulele and puns. Along with partaking in those fun activities, I am also taking social sciences here at UVic while working at the First Peoples House as a campus cousin. Being a part of the Native Student Union is an incredibly rewarding experience, and my time as the Administrative Councillor has shown me how amazingly respectful, comforting and dynamic involvement in a community like the NSU can be.