NSU Committees are a way for students to engage in planning NSU activities and projects. Each committee meets to discuss a topic, then proposes the ideas to the council for approval.

Join by emailing the committee chair to find out the time of the committee.

Room Committee

Decides on changes to the room such as furniture, art, accessibility, and comfort.


Finance Committee

Discusses budget planning, and financial decisions.


Indigenous Resurgence Committee

This committee plans the Indigenous Resurgence Moon (IRM) that takes place in the lunar new year. It is a series of events promoting Indigenous resurgence and excellence.


Name Change Committee

The NSU has been discussing changing our name over time, it is a long discussion because it's a name we've had since 1969. The idea of using the word Indigenous is on the table, and is conversation worth having. Join this committee or contact the chair to give your input.


History Committee

The NSU has a history dating back to September 1969, the history committee meets to investigate and update the recorded history. This committee will also be planning the NSU's 50th anniversary event.


Mission Statement Committee

This committee plans the research of and amendments of our mission statement and purpose.