Native Plant Resources

PEPÁḴEṈ HÁUTW̱: The Blossoming Place

PEPÁḴEṈ HÁUTW̱, or "Blossoming Place", our native plant nursery, garden and centre for food systems education at ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱ Tribal School in W̱SÁNEĆ territory

Their website has lots of info on Indigenous plants though a W̱SÁNEĆ lens.

Harvesting Respectfully

Vancouver Island is a wild food smorgasbord. If you forage, here's how to do so respectfully.

Jared Qwustenuxun Williams explains how enthusiasts can take part in this growing trend

UVic Ecological Restoration Club

The UVic ERC is an inclusive club that brings together students and the broader community for ecosystem restoration. We provide students opportunities to engage with restoration, gain valuable skills for career-development, peer and academic support, and make friends at our social events.

The ERC is comprised of amazing people, and if you would like to participate, please join us! The more people we have, the more we can accomplish together. We are happy to train and support you along no matter your level of experience.

All My Relations Podcast

Are you truly sovereign if you can’t feed yourselves? Today we delve into a topic we can all relate to! We all got to eat! But how are we eating, or better, WHAT are we eating? And how has colonization disrupted our relationship with our traditional foods?

That is why today’s discussion on food sovereignty is so important because we all know that colonialism destroyed our food systems, sometimes on purpose and sometimes as a byproduct of other colonial policies— But separating Native peoples from the way we traditionally ate and harvested was a very effective tool of colonization.

W̱ILṈEW̱ Radio Podcast

W̱ILṈEW̱ Radio translates to Indigenous Radio. It is a Indigenous show that features Indigenous: Musicians, Story telling, Artists, Language revitalization, Careers, Plant knowledge and more.

This episode is all about local Indigenous food sovereignty. Peter Underwood and [Nick Henry] have collaborated on this episode. We interviewed elders and community activists from the local communities of W̱SÁNEĆ and Lekwungen. We learn about plants, medicines, clam harvesting, camas harvesting, plant restoration and more!