About the
Native Students Union

The Native Students Union is an organization run by Indigenous students at UVic

Since circa 1969, Indigenous students have been coming together to form community, support each other, advocate for Indigenous rights and wellbeing, and just exist together at the institution. 

The NSU runs events and programs, manages a student space with services, and advocates for Indigenous student success and wellness at UVic. The NSU Council leads the NSU in running and developing these services. 

Finding community at UVic

By Alexis Elliott

Alexis writes about her experience with the Native Students Union community in the 2022 Indigenous Issue of the Martlet. 

"Becoming an active member of the NSU and sitting on the council in my third and fourth year at UVic has allowed me to become further involved in the Indigenous community on campus. Getting involved in the NSU allowed me to establish relationships with people who understood what I was going through as an Indigenous student. It also reaffirmed that I was not alone. That there is a community willing to stand behind me and support me in my journey."

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