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About Our Meetings

The Native Students Union hosts weekly during the Fall & Spring semesters, and bi-weekly meetings during the Summer semester. These meetings are places for the NSU members, council and staff to come together and plan and discuss events, what's happening in community, and more!

As a Member 

All UVic Indigenous students are part of the Native Students Union. Indigenous (Status, non-status, Metis, Inuit, as well as Indigenous peoples from outside of Kanada) folks are welcome here; and all members have an equal say at our meetings. 

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As a Guest

For special occasions, we welcome guests to our meetings to discuss an event or potential collaboration on a project. 

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Meeting Schedule

Missed A Meeting?

If you missed a meeting, don't worry! Everything that we discuss in our meetings can be found in our Running Agenda.

Can't Make It?

If you can't make it to a meeting but have something to share with the NSU. You can email a council member or staff about what you would like to discuss!