Wellness Resources

Indigenous Student Wellness Resources

UVic Indigenous student counselling

Indigenous counselling offers a safe and caring place that honours Indigenous knowledge, experience and healing. The Indigenous Counsellor treats mental health and life issues from Indigenous perspectives to relate to the diverse cultural backgrounds of Indigenous students. Treatment may also address the long-lasting intergenerational effects of historical wrongdoings against Indigenous peoples. 

UVic Student Wellness Centre

The Student Wellness Centre (SWC) is made up of Counselling, Health and Multifaith. The SWC aims to provide holistic care to support UVic students’ wellbeing emotionally, physically and spiritually. The SWC team includes counsellors, doctors, nurses, administrative staff, chaplains and other practitioners.

UVic Support Connect

SupportConnect is a free, confidential mental health support service for UVic students. Get connected with qualified counsellors, consultants, and life coaches anytime, anywhere. Available 24/7 by phone and online. Video and in-person options are also available. You can reach out for any reason - big or small!

Elders in Residence

Elders are the caretakers of cultural wisdom. They are pivotal in protecting the indigenous ways of knowing and being that have been passed down to them for generations from the ancestors. The cultural wisdom of Elders defines and informs the manner in which indigenous people live in the modern world. Elders know it is their responsibility to share their guiding wisdom with students, staff, faculty and the broader community. 

Anti-Violence Program

Our support services are completely non-judgmental and confidential, and available to anyone who has experienced violence, anyone who has caused harm, and anyone who has supported someone who has experienced violence or caused harm. We can provide you with emotional support, information about services on and off campus, and help in connecting with the services that might be right for you. We have a team of trained volunteers who provide peer support as well as staff members. 

24 Hour Phone Support

KUU-US Crisis Line Society provides support to callers with in the Port Alberni area as well as Indigenous people throughout the province of British Columbia. Once the issue for support has been identified, the level of severity for call handling is determined. The goal is to establish a non-judgmental approach to listening and problem solving. A support system is put into place where the caller is brought back to a pre-crisis state. Debriefing is also provided to any front line worker who works with in the field. KUU-US also maintains and in-depth referral database. The Adult/Elder, Child/Youth and Toll free lines are funded by the First Nations Health Authority and the Métis line is funded by Métis Nation British Columbia. KUU-US is very thankful for our continued funding to be able to provide crisis services across BC, and for this we say tlecko-tlecko.

FNHA Mental Health

Counselling is a tool for individuals experiencing a difficult situation to resolve their emotional distress and enjoy greater wellness. Health Benefits partners with Indigenous Services Canada to offer a comprehensive mental health plan to First Nations in BC.

Even if you do not have status, you may be eligible for mental health coverage through one of the specialized mental health programs funded by Indigenous Services Canada. 

Indian Residential School Survivors Society Crisis Line

24-hour crisis line for survivors and family of survivors. Toll Free 1-866-925-4419