Settler Ally Resources

Settler Ally Resources

Here are some easy ways to get involved with Indigenous movements working towards decolonization and Indigenous resurgence. 

Decolonization is for Everyone

Watch this short Tedx Talk by Nikki Sanchez about how decolonization is for everyone, and how we all have the responsibility to use our strengths and privileges to restore these lands. 

Challenging Racist “British Columbia”: 150 Years and Counting

This year marks 150 years (1871-2021) since BC joined Canada. This anniversary arrives at a critical moment: Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs and other Indigenous peoples are challenging dispossession and environmental racism; the Black Lives Matter movement is demanding foundational change; Japanese Canadians are seeking BC restitution for the attempted ethnic cleansing of the province; and the fight against racisms associated with COVID-19 is broadening in response to systemic racism. 150 Years and Counting (150YC) is a new open-access, multi-media resource that documents how this recent cycle of anti-racist activism is part of a broader history of Indigenous, Black and other racialized communities challenging white supremacy for over 150 years – particularly since 1871 when BC joined Canada. Co-authored by activists & scholars from diverse communities, this resource will assist anti-racist educators, teachers, scholars, and policymakers in piercing the silences that too often have let racism fester in communities, corporations, and governments. 150YC is co-produced by the UVIC History project Asian Canadians on Vancouver Island: Race, Indigeneity and the Transpacific and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – BC Office.

The 80-page, fully illustrated 150YC booklet was released in February 2021, and can be accessed as a PDF HERE.

Indigenous Student Articles

The NSU & The Martlet collaborate on both News Unsettled and the Indigenous Issue of the Martlet. Read up on all the articles here.  

UVic Ecological Restoration Club

The ERC hosts restoration events which directly impact the lands by removing harmful invasives largely brought here by colonization. Removing these invasive species allows for native plants and life to thrive and continue to exist in their home enviroment. 


SUBtext Bookstore

SUBtext often highlights Indigenous Books they have for sale. All businesses in the SUB are owned by the UVic Students Society and all profits go back into running the businesses and supporting students.